On-chain features

Which chains/ETH L2s is PWN planning to expand to?

PWN is currently live on the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon. We plan to expand to other chains as determined by user and community input. If you would like us to consider a specific Ethereum L2, please contact us at [email protected]

Is there any risk? (Are the contracts audited? Is PWN safe?)

Our smart contracts have been audited for security by Extropy (, and no critical vulnerabilities have been found during the audit.
Although we are confident in what we've built and take security very seriously at PWN, as with any project in web3 or crypto, there is always some risk of smart contract exploits, up to and including loss of your funds or NFTs.
Additionally, investing always assumes risk due to market fluctuations. PWN does not determine the value of your digital assets and cannot guarantee a borrower's repayment.

How does PWN handle rebasing tokens?

PWN does not currently accommodate rebasing tokens in any custom way, so using them as collateral is not recommended. However, some rebasing tokens have wrapper contracts which can keep the token amount constant.

Can my NFT receive airdrops during the loan duration? Can I use the NFT for governance purposes (voting) during the loan duration?

Currently, the collateral used on PWN is transferred to the PWN vault and cannot receive airdrops or be used for governance during the loan duration.
We have developed a protocol solution called PWN Safe that will allow both to occur, giving you greater access to token utility even while assets are used as collateral. We hope to be releasing this feature in early 2023. Check out our blog post about PWN Safe to learn more!